2015 Spring Festival Collection

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2015 Spring Festival Collection


First, the best couplets (3)


(A) on the Union: Kinmen and Matsu years of age base industry exhibition ambitious


The second line: Silver sheep speeding three new industry achievements


Cross criticism: innovation and forge ahead


Author: Hou Renyi


(B) 1, on the joint: tellurite stone in the emperor (horse year) just a great resource Albert


The next joint: copper alloy gold co-workers (sheep) and then show new materials glory


Horizontal: create greater glory


2, on the joint: tellurite stone in the emperor (horse year) a huge resource ambitious dominance


The next joint: copper alloy gold co-workers (sheep) show new materials do not glory


Cross the batch: who is my who


Author: Xu Pei dry


(Three) on the joint: seventeen spring and autumn and winter Cheng Xin show glory


The next year: years of tackling tough stones change gold


Horizontal: leading technology


Author: Jiang Xibin


Second, excellent couplets


(A) on the line: Ma year to the market to open a way to the east and southwest everywhere thriving


The second line: the sheep to science and technology extension Kam Figure spring and summer autumn and winter flourishing


Cross criticism: pioneering and innovative


Author: Luo fast


(2) on the Union: New Year's New Year Xin Xin Ju Xin Yan Rong-year-old in the harvest


The second line: concentric with the copper business together in the same year to create greater glory


Horizontal: New Year


Author: Li Tianxu


(Three) on the joint: three Yang Kai Tai Sihai Cheung Cheung new plot of the new painting


The second line: Hundred years of struggle for thousands of Lunar New Year civilization Xin torch show ambitious


Cross Critics:


Author: Wang households


(Four) on the joint: sweat horse outside the wind in the successful bid history


The second line: Jinyang Kai Tai Fumin Qingqing exhibition new articles


Horizontal batch: spring full of human


Author: Liao Yu


(5) on the line: the horse speechlessly write Xin Ju Chi


Associated with: Kyrgyzstan sheep year old with the welcome innovation


Horizontal: Xinxing Xiangrong


Author: Liu Jialin


(6) on the joint: three sheep Kai Tai, write Xin Ju feats


Associated with: Shengshi Ankang, a strong corporate sound


Horizontal: Thai transport flourishing


Author: Da Union


(Seven) on the line: hi in the year into the military industry


The next line: laugh at the sheep show ambitious


Horizontal: Hong Yang Xin Ju


Author: Lu Kaifu


(Eight) on the line: the horse four hoof record success


The next line: antelope bifurcation new chapter


Cross criticism: passion forge ahead


Author: Yan Dachun


(Nine) on the joint: Jingtai spring and into a park into a climate


The next joint: the ever-changing Xin Ju project ups and downs


Horizontal batch: beaming


Author: Wei Ziyang


(Ten) on the Union: Ma Chi into a base to build fire


The second line: sheep Yue Xin Ju industry red


Horizontal: the cause of prosperity


Author: Ling Yong


(11) on the joint: distilled hydrolysis of high-purity first-class brand


The following: the quality of redox contraction accounted for the international market


Cross criticism: come out on top


Author: Yang Branch


(12) on the Union:


The second line: information technology interlocking knot fruit


Horizontal batch: production and sales step by step for the triumph


Author: Xie Minghua


(Thirteen) on the joint: Technology Center Peach Fen fragrant fruit


Associated with: R & D team technology Xingbang stay in the United States


Horizontal: talented people


Author: Zhou Zengjiang


(14) on the Union: hundred peaks not Rao climbing scientific peak


The second line: one after another to overcome technical barriers


Horizontal: science and technology


Author: Zhang Jun


(Fifteen) on the Union: Xin Ju a blessing


The second line: peace word worth daughter


Horizontal: peace is blessing


Author: Wang Dan


(16) on the joint: material out of order


The following: the account from the clear


Cross batch: cost reduction efficiency


Author: Jiang Yan


(Seventeen) on the joint: to fight for technological innovation


The second line: Yong Dong Xin Ju innovation pioneer


Horizontal: never before


Author: Xiao Denghong


(Eighteen) on the line: race against the peak of the cause of the peak


The second line: chasing the day to catch the castle torch brilliant


Cross batch: hard struggle


Author: Su Qiang


(19) on the joint: people do their best to flourish


The second line: make the best use of its wealth


Horizontal: the situation is gratifying


Author: Li Haiqiong


(Twenty) on the line: torch furnace copper Qi Qi in full bloom


The next joint: Xin fire tellurium liquid torrent flow


Cross batch: fire red heart together


Author: Zhang Qing Long


(Twenty-one) on the line: horse Mercedes-Benz national treasure tellurium bismuth resources shine Panxi


The second line: three sheep Kai Tai Xin Ju three new park stands Jintang


Cross crit: triumphantly


Author: Li Bo


(Twenty-two) on the joint: three sheep Kai Tai to do a horse before the feat


The second line: a horse first to create a three sheep open Thai heyday


Cross batch: create a grand


Author: Zhang Fulong


(Twenty-three) on the joint: Dazhen torch material splendid universal


The following: the new light source products glorious Wuzhou


Horizontal: famous world


Author: Jia Pengfei


(Twenty-four) on the joint: science and technology to take off the macro is expected


The next joint: tellurium bismuth to promote the development of strong enterprises difficult


Horizontal: advancing with the times


Author: Hong Xuemei


(Twenty-five) on the joint: Boss system plan for the development of new chapter


The next line: the practice of blueprint for thinking Road made ambitious


Cross batch: production and marketing universal


Author: Tan Xiaofeng


(Twenty-six) on the joint: Xin Ju pioneers pioneering innovation into the great cause


The next line: light source later come from behind the new chapter


Crossing: ambitious exhibition


Author: YANG Chun-hua


(Twenty-seven) on the Union:


The following united: science and no way to dare to rush to the top of the rugged


Horizontal: heroes and more courage to pour hot blood painted ambitious


Author: Technology and prosperous


(Twenty-eight) on the joint: beaming war horses triumph constantly heroic cross


The following line: drum music sound Long sheep fighting spirit to continue to forge ahead


Horizontal: Spring Festival


Author: Rong high


(Twenty) on the line: Xiu color days show magnificent ambitions several times hard and hard times broken stone for the gold into the male industry


Under the joint: radicals and high-caliber and then the Pentium and then Pentium is another innovation is expensive


Horizontal: successful


Author: Hou Xiaohu


Three to participate in the couplets (45)


1 Xin Ju Mining General Manager Hou Renyi said Xin Yu Chou do Xin torch things for Xin Ju eat Xin Ju rice Chong Xin industry industry for the unity of the staff love


2 Xin Ju Mining Office Jiang Xibin seventeen spring and evening singing all year rounds of all kinds of hard work step by step high Kyrgyzstan high


3 Xin Ju Mining Zongjing Ban Xu Pei dry winter snow fell auspicious, China is now no beautiful spring to send auspicious, Xin torr everywhere all over the world with gold


4 Xin Ju Mining Research Institute Lu Zhonghua expedition to the storm between worry and worry about the heartless heart into the road from the wind cold chihao Road


5 Ganluo Xin Ju supply and marketing Yang Fei Xin Yi stone change golden torch burning sheep brilliant three sheep Kai Tai


6 Ganluo Xin Ju supply and marketing Zheng Xiaobo Yangnian Xin Ju, Xin Ju Yang Yang, Yang Xin Ju condensate Xin together, Fen Lang Yangbian, a hundred years success torch


7 new light source of production technology Jia Junyuan Xin Ju new materials new light source to move new plant copper mica powder alumina development with the times


8 new light source of production technology department Ren Taoqing sheep today to rise up Zhu Xin Ju-year-old Tengfei Xin Ju takeoff


9 new light source of production technology Yang Ke assessment of the first selection of new light source technology Xingbang fight before the former Xin Ju people a model thriving


10 new light source of production technology Feng Chao new light source loss surplus surplus thousands of miles high-purity production development leader steady progress


11 new light source of the supply and marketing department Hu Kui sheep Yang proud of aluminum to win the title of the title of the title can not stop the new light brilliant


12 New Light Source Quality and Safety Department Liao Yanwei Research Longxin Xin Ju plant take off universal technology innovation new light shine Wuzhou competition 100 Ge


13 new light source production technology department Zhou Zengwei three board listed rose up three new on-line busy busy price Qi Sheng


14 new light source of production technology department Zhou Zengwei Gongxing Wang Division thriving company you are rich and rich you have money you have money every year


15 new light source of production technology Xie Minghua innovation technology seeking more manufacturing products quality and quantity work together


16 new materials production technology department Qin Xiaofeng a year of hard one year a year, work ah fight a brain life alive, life ah Xin Ju life


17 new material production technology department Qin Xiaofeng this year and the new torch honor and a total of the first year of the United States and the United States and China


18 new materials production technology department Yan Dachun innovation management to seek the road of development three new industry Yong Pan technology top Xin Ju takeoff


19 new materials production technology department Wang Renhui hi home treasure thousands of years Wangfuzhao home Xinxin Ju Xin Ju new hi


20 new materials production technology department Wang Dan year triennial good luck Octopus treasure into the Xinyuan financial resources into the wide


21 new materials production technology department Zhang Xin can be skilled craftsman lathe - throw precision molds Seiko secret play dance file - change the standard size of excellence


22 new materials production technology department Li Liangbao to increase the financial resources, the new torch business year after year to the wealth of the sea, Kyushu treasure into auspicious lucky


23 New Materials Production Technology Department Xiao Deng Hongfu Wang Fu Wang Fu Qi Wang Xinxingxing Xingxing


24 New Materials Production Technology Department Wang Yunxun Xin Ju hi congratulations Shuangji Jiucheng Guangyuan Guangqing good harvest year after year


25 new material production technology department Yang Yanqiong dry and clean in addition to the old habit of five stresses four trees Xinfeng old spring


26 new materials production technology department Xiao Wenhuan open Xinmen business Xinglong move new home Octagon into the treasure Xin Yu


27 New Materials Production Technology Department Su Qiangren Xingyexing Meteorology Xingji Jude Poly Hui Xin New Year Xin Ju


28 new materials production technology department Li Ming goods rolling by the benefits of excellent quality first-class Xin Ju update


29 new materials production technology department Liu Wenwu sunshine as the new addition of beautiful embroidery ambition often kept Xin Ju more powerful torch Changxing


30 new materials production technology department Yang Chao unite to fight when the torch Yongzhu Chengcheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng production success forge ahead


31 new materials production technology department Zhou Houchang excellent quality first-class financial resources rolling gains Yi Xin Ju brilliant


32 new materials production technology department Wei Ziyang mine Tim new look for the Maxima resources plus science and technology to lead the leader of science and technology


33 New Materials Quality and Safety Department Zhang Fulong new materials Xing materials emerging materials Xing material old technology long technology old long technology to stay a hundred years Xin Ju


34 New Materials Quality and Safety Department Zhang Fulong Now Copper Bronze Field and Xin Ju total of three beautiful future Huaxian Jintian Bo Wei Wei Xin exclusive monsoon Xin Ju target


35 new material supply and marketing department He Jie siege pool, this year a hard nuts iron horse, next year in the break brilliant Xin Ju's responsibility


36 new light source production technology department Zhou Zengxin Xin Ju mining technology science and technology mountain small stone change tellurium bismuth point stone into gold


37 Ya'an Mining Office Jiang Xibin Shenma Looking back Feng Nimi Jing Ling Sheep joy Xin Ju dream auspicious wishful


38 Xin Ju company supply and marketing department Wang Qinqin business is booming poly P Plus wealth work hard to create a national advanced


39 Xin Ju company research institute Hong Xuemei focus on personnel training talent talent generation research technology to create technology innovation technology Xingbang


40 Xin Ju mining Zongjing Ban Zhang Zhuo burning copper on the road tellurium in the heart Xin has a torch with ambitious heart


41 new light source of production technology department Zhou Zengqian diligent and realistic build Evergreen Foundation dedicated innovation with the spectrum of gorgeous chapter grand exhibition ambitious


42 Xin Ju Mining Financial Audit Department Luo Hongyan eight Chun gallop Chong Xin Ju three sheep Kai Tai Ju Tianfu thriving


43 Xin Ju Research Institute produced a small Huaxin Ju warm spring, carrying the world under the age of flourishing in addition to the old age, hand in hand a new chapter Fortune transit


44 Xin Ju Institute of small Chinese science learn to take off the macro is expected to innovation to promote the production of wealthy technology difficult to create brilliant


45 Hou Xiaohu Jun to the Pentium, but also home festive; how many more sad, there are hundreds of days to ride, see life, rough still music, and add magnificent famous miles, Xingzhou Yue Le, by slightly warm and cold, To be back, rain or shine, another splendid Purple East


46 Liu Zhenyu business affairs things auspicious everyone family home wishful things auspicious

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