I am an annual output of 50,000 tons of tellurium copper alloy alloy project passed the acceptance

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    Lead-free cutting copper telluride alloy project special acceptance. Project acceptance group by the Sichuan Province by the letter, the Chengdu Municipal Commission by letter, the Jintang County Economic Affairs Bureau, Sichuan Tianfu Economic Development Promotion Center and technical experts, financial experts, Sichuan Province by the letter of the new industry promotion deputy director Yang Yonghe Professor Li Zhaolu, head of the acceptance group leader and expert group leader. Company chairman Hou Renyi and leading members of the team participated in the acceptance report.
    Acceptance group of experts to listen to my company completed the project report, and on-site verification. Acceptance of the company's project construction work to give a certain, that my company has reached the project acceptance conditions, agreed to pass the acceptance.
    Acceptance group leader Yang Jiayong Director announced an annual output of 50,000 tons of new high-conductivity arc and lead-free cutting copper telluride alloy project through the acceptance, I hope my company as soon as possible production, bigger and stronger, for the province of new materials Industrial development contribute more power.

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