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Recently, in some of the network forum on the false statements, to sensational title and distort the facts of the content of slander Sichuan Xin Ju Mining Resources Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Hou Renyi, not only seriously damaged Mr. Hou Renyi himself and the company's reputation , While long-term concern to support my company and industry development of all the friendly people to bring trouble. Sichuan Xin Ju Mining Resources Development Co., Ltd. Board of Directors made the following solemn declaration:

Mr. Hou Renyi, founder of Xin Ju Mining, founded the first joint-stock (mixed ownership) enterprise with mining resources and new material development in western China. The company has always been "leading the technology, innovation and development, pragmatic achievement and casting brilliant For the purpose; to "resources plus science and technology stone change gold" as the guiding ideology; to protect the ecological environment, to achieve sustainable socio-economic development, based on technology, management innovation and optimization, to maximize the full promotion of corporate resources Use and maximize the value of sustainable development and production of environmental protection and energy conservation, new energy, high-tech products, services in the environment-friendly, recycling and innovative society.

Second, the network posts repeatedly mentioned "victims" Mr. Zhou Huakang in 2007 in Sichuan Apollo operation to the US listing process, the use of its US citizenship and Xin Ju mining shareholders do not understand the Chinese enterprises listed in the United States Of the legal provisions and the normal way, with my company signed a series of non-standard contracts and false investment acquisition, making the so-called US-owned Sichuan Apollo can not function properly, resulting in profitability, and eventually the loss of the original Xin torch shareholders The control of the US listed companies. The Securities and Exchange Commission in its allegations, also specifically referred to "in the reverse acquisition of Sichuan Apollo company in the process, Zhou Huakang by telephone or e-mail to about 85 investors private placement of more than 5 million US dollars in cash, there is not Registered to sell stocks to customers, manipulate transactions and other criminal acts.

Third, in 2012, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launched the US national investigation procedure, accusing US Chinese Zhou Huakang against US securities laws, criminal fraud, illegal securities operations, fraudulent US shareholders, administrative procedures No. 3-15586 Case of verdict, judgment Zhou Huakang and the United States Warner Investment Company set up three charges; must pay a fine of 98.3375 million US dollars, to pay the penalty before the penalty interest of 8.2449 million dollars, Zhou Huakang individuals must pay a fine of 400,000 US dollars, also sentenced Zhou Huakang 5 years in the United States Securities business. Relevant circumstances can be Beijing News, Phoenix, Chengdu Commercial Daily and other media reports as evidence.

Fourth, Mr. Zhou Huakang in order to escape the 85 US shareholders to pursue, so my company and Mr. Hou Renyi implemented a series of false accusations, so as to avoid taking over Sichuan Apollo company, due to malicious operation caused by Sichuan Apollo serious losses, the brink of collapse Of economic responsibility. At present, the two sides of the nine civil litigation cases, of which six for my company sued Zhou Huakang and its related companies, there are three cases have been closed and my company has been successful; has entered into force Sichuan Apollo, Dadu River Company owes my company Plus interest of more than 700 million yuan, and entered the enforcement; Zhou Huakang individuals owe Xin Ju company 21 million yuan Chengdu Intermediate People's Court is being heard. Zhou Huakang in the United States New Jersey court sued Mr. Hou Renyi case lost, the state court on December 31, 2014 to dismiss Zhou Wah Hong's all claims.

Five, in order to protect the Chengdu City (Sichuan) the largest copper alloy high-tech materials business healthy development, Mr. Hou Renyi in line with the attitude of the enterprise and its public, will actively cooperate with the judicial, public security to clarify the economic disputes between enterprises of civil judicial proceedings and criminal The boundaries of judicial litigation, to prevent Zhou Huakang use of enterprise economic disputes between the unjustified framed, according to the law to guide the economic disputes between enterprises into the normal civil judicial proceedings, in the framework of Chinese law to achieve fair and just lawsuit and judgments.

Sixth, in view of repeated attacks on the network rumors, I actively collect relevant evidence in the company, if necessary, will resort to the law. Such as the formation of network rumors plot, the public security organs will be in accordance with the network rumors according to law. At the same time we solemnly warn the rumor spreaders must be timely hand, do not play fire.

Seven, there are still individuals to help China's private high-tech enterprises through the OTCBB (US OTCBB) backdoor listing under the banner of speculation in the domestic operation, I remind the majority of private high-tech enterprises polish eyes, beware of cheating.

Hereby solemnly declare.

Sichuan Xin Ju Mining Resources Development Co., Ltd

December 15, 2016

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