New materials help "Made in China" to promote scientific and technological innovation to seize the high ground

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  As a "China Manufacturing 2025" "1 + X" planning system in one of the 11 supporting guidelines by the Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance jointly developed the "New Materials Industry Development Guide" has been officially issued for the new material Industrial development pointed out the three key development direction, clear the main development goals, proposed by 2020, to achieve more than 70 key new materials industrialization and application, and China's new materials industry to build the level of development and match the equipment and equipment security system.

  Industrial manufacturing, materials first, and vigorously promote the development of new materials industry bigger and stronger "Made in China" is of great significance. Industry experts pointed out that the "Twelfth Five-Year" since the rapid development of China's new materials industry, a strong support for the national economic development and national defense science and technology industrial construction, "13" period, through the policy of the east, the new material industry will meet the historic development opportunities The

  "Twelve Five" new material development highlights full annual growth rate of 24%

  In 2010, the State Council made a decision to accelerate the development and development of strategic emerging industries, identified seven major emerging industries, including new materials. This is the first time China's new materials as an independent industry, from the national strategic point of view to focus on support. Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", China's new materials industry has developed rapidly, and the technological level has been continuously improved, which has effectively supported the development of national economy and the construction of national defense science and technology industry.

  Ministry of Industry data show that the new material industry scale from 800 billion yuan in 2011 to nearly 200 billion yuan in 2015, the industrial scale doubled, the average annual growth rate of more than 24%. "Overall, the new material industry to achieve the basic 'second five' planning objectives." Ministry of Industry and the responsible person said.

  CCID Consulting analyst Ma Ruiwen told reporters at the China Economic Net that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the development of new materials industry in China was bright, and the new materials industry was continuously converged upstream and downstream. The enterprises in the eastern and western regions were further agglomerated and demanded to the economic field Expansion, technological innovation gradually to industrialization, ecological new materials become the focus of development.

  Specifically, the innovation capacity, a number of gaps in the domestic blank of new materials continue to emerge, "Twelfth Five-Year" period a number of national technological invention first prize, scientific and technological progress award, natural science first prize Presented to the technical field of new materials.

  Industrial structure, a number of leading enterprises and leading talent continue to grow, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Ningbo and other regions initially formed a new material industry cluster, to promote the regional industrial structure upgrading and resource integration. Through the creation of new industrial demonstration base, the country has built 48 new materials related base, forming a number of development carriers.

  Support capacity, the key areas of new materials comprehensive support capacity improved significantly, chemical new material support capacity reached 63%, high strength and high toughness automotive steel, silicon steel and other domestic market share of more than 90%.

  Materials replacement, the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued a "key material upgrading project implementation plan" to promote a new generation of information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, marine engineering and other areas of mass production and scale applications The

  "In the past, defense, military, nuclear, aerospace technology is the main driving force for the development of new materials.Now the new materials to support the emerging industries such as electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, green energy is developing rapidly, product development cycle is shortening , Graphene, 3D printing materials, superconductivity and other areas of technological innovation continue to bring new technological innovation is gradually to achieve industrialization. "Ma Ruiwen said.

  "Thirteen five" layout of the three key directions to seize the high point of innovation

  At present, a new round of industrial transformation ready, the new material industry as the basis for the development of manufacturing, related to "Made in China" quality. Especially in the forefront of new materials, often can become a new area of ​​development of the birth of key areas. "For example, is widely optimistic about the graphene, if the scale of application in a breakthrough, is expected to drive a new generation of information technology, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing and other areas of rapid development." Ministry of Industry and the responsible person said.

  Reporters from the "New Materials Industry Development Guide" was informed that a wide range of new materials, many categories, varieties of miscellaneous, "second Five-Year" period, according to the material properties, functions and future trends, the new material is divided into six categories, preliminary Set up a new material classification system. "Thirteen five" period, "Guide" will be advanced basic materials, key strategic materials, cutting-edge new materials as the three key development direction.

  In the forefront of new materials, specifically mentioned on graphene, increased material manufacturing materials, nano-materials, superconducting materials and other breakthroughs, and strengthen the new material industry collaborative innovation system. Proposed to pay more attention to the original innovation and disruptive technological innovation, focus on system research, the formation of a number of iconic frontier new material innovation and typical applications, to seize the future of the new material industry competition high ground.

  It is understood that the new material from the study found to mature application is a long process, generally take 10 to 20 years. Most of the developed countries adopt the "development of a batch of reserves, a number of applications," the material development strategy, through the development of key varieties of development road map, strengthen the forward-looking basic research and application innovation, etc., to strengthen the forefront of new material field layout.

  Relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry said that over the years, China has invested a lot of energy in the research of new materials technology, in the graphene, metamaterials, superconducting materials and other cutting-edge new materials have a better foundation for development, some areas even in the world's advanced level. "13th Five-Year Plan" period, to further consolidate and expand the advantages of China's leading new materials, the organization of the industry chain upstream and downstream forces to carry out system research, and strive to form a number of innovative achievements and typical applications for the new materials industry and downstream application industry continued Development lay a good foundation.

  Ma Ruiwen also said that the "Guide" clearly the direction of the development of new materials industry, emphasizing the supply side of the force to identify the key application market, such as in the field of graphene around the anti-corrosion coatings, composite materials, touch screen and other applications, focusing on the development of the use of graphene Sexual energy storage devices, functional coatings, modified rubber, thermal products and special functional products, based on graphene materials, sensors, touch devices, electronic components. "At the same time improve the new material industry standard system, which for the new material industry to create a favorable environment for development, is conducive to promoting the standardization of new materials industry, large - scale and healthy and steady development.

  New product product innovation pace to accelerate attention to green development

  Industry experts generally believe that by the "China-made 2025" policy Dongfeng, as well as the "Guide" in the key areas of technical road map, enterprises and investment institutions optimistic about the prospects for the development of new materials industry, capital intervention will bring new material industry to stimulate the effect , The new material industry ushered in the historic development opportunities.

  The market reaction also attests to this. At present, the new material market is active, a number of listed companies to perform strong, to enter the new materials industry, the acquisition of enterprises increased.

  For the future development trend of new materials industry, Ma Ruiwen said that the future technology will increasingly play a leading role in accelerating the pace of product innovation. "China's new material industry is very important to the development of science and technology in the program, the national high-tech industrialization and other special science and technology projects have given new areas of material focus on the future of new materials, product innovation will accelerate the pace will form a number of international Advanced level of independent intellectual property rights results.

  On the other hand, the new materials industry will pay more attention to sustainable development. "The future of new materials industry will be high-performance, multi-functional, green direction, the sustainable development of new materials industry is to meet the economic and social sustainable development of the inevitable choice, the face of resources, ecological environment and population enormous pressure, ecological environment materials And the development of green production technology is increasingly concerned about, "Ma Ruiwen said," the future, in the preparation of technology, the new materials industry will pay more attention to the development of short processes, low pollution, low energy consumption, recyclable, green, numerical and other manufacturing Technology. "(Reporter Li Fang)

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