Core team


Liwei Hou   Expert adviser

Professor level senior engineer, has served and participated in the completion of the northwest Sichuan, Sichuan southeast and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau mineral exploration, national and ministerial, provincial key scientific research projects 12, Sino-foreign cooperation in scientific research projects 2, a number of international or domestic leading level The Repeatedly won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the Ministry of Science and Technology Award for scientific and technological achievements, mining survey results. For the State Council identified the outstanding contributions of experts, enjoy the special government allowances.


Jiazhao Chen   Expert adviser

Sichuan University Department of Metal Materials Professor, the State Electrical and Mechanical Services Department issued the "seven five" outstanding scientific and technological contributions to the personal honorary certificate. Specialized in non-ferrous metal alloy development more than 30 years.


Longchao Hou   Chief engineer

Dr., mainly engaged in the preparation of mineral materials, rare elements of metallurgical metallurgy, high purity materials, copper and copper alloy materials production process research, published in the SCI area article 1, the domestic core journals published articles 3, invention patents 13 The.


Xiaohua Chan   Engineer

Metallurgical professional master, worked in state-owned enterprises for several years, specializing in non-ferrous metal mineral resources and the comprehensive utilization of emerging materials products R & D projects.





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