Sichuan Xin Ju Mining Resources Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, is approved by the Sichuan Provincial Government to set up to focus on recruiting Co., Ltd.; registered capital of 134.2 million yuan, is a "three rare precious, copper lead zinc magnesium" mineral resources The use of innovative technology to produce energy-saving environmental protection, fire-retardant insulation, anti-corrosion and other new materials-based joint-stock enterprises; Sichuan Province, "Eleventh Five-Year" "Twelve Five" planning new materials, new energy field of high-tech industrialization demonstration Enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, Chengdu identified the focus of new materials business.
The company as China's economic and social organizations: Sichuan Province, the strategic new industry promotion vice president of the unit, Sichuan new environmental protection copper alloy industry alliance chairman unit, Chengdu Metallurgical Industry Association of new industries unit, Sichuan Province, vice president of circular economy industry association President of the unit, the International Copper Processing Association governing units, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association gallium selenium tellurium vice president of the unit.
The company has the world's first independent mineralization tellurium bismuth ore, microcrystalline muscovite, marble marble, copper and lead and other mines mine exploration and mining rights. Company to "resources plus science and technology, stone change the gold" for the business philosophy, through independent research and development and "production, learning, research" three combination model, with independent intellectual property rights, invention patents, utility model patents and non-proprietary new technology 27, of which the company's copper telluride series of alloy products patented the "China International Patent and Brand Fair" Gold Award. In addition, the company also independently prepared to complete a number of products of national industry standards.
The company in 2000 to build the "western development of national high-tech industrialization demonstration project - high-purity tellurium production project", in 2005 the construction of "national high-tech industrialization demonstration project - a new high-conductivity arc and lead-free cutting copper telluride alloy project" , 2006 commitment to "national 863 science and technology support project - high purity sulfur preparation project", 2012 construction of "national strategic emerging industry special funds project - an annual output of 50,000 tons of new high-conductivity arc and lead-free cutting copper telluride alloy Project ", 2014 commitment" Panxi national strategic resources innovation and development pilot area of ​​the first ten major scientific and technological research and industrialization projects - magnesium tellurium copper development and utilization of industrial technology research demonstration "," Panax national strategic resources in 2015 innovation The development of experimental areas tellurium dioxide industrialization project "and other national projects.
The enterprise legal management structure perfect; made IS09001 international quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, is through 19 years of enterprise construction, has formed a complete production, supply, marketing, new product development, deep processing of quality management Control system.
Company in Chengdu Jintang Cheng A industrial development area to build a new energy-saving environmental protection tellurium copper alloy, the new light source materials (high purity alumina, tellurium dioxide), a new flame-retardant insulation anti-toxic [nano-silica aerogels] "Three new" new materials industrial park.
Company in Chengdu Xindu District has a scientific and technological innovation pilot base, specialized development and production:
1. High-end copper alloy series of new products;
2. Microcrystalline muscovite functional powder series of new products;
3. High purity compounds (5N alumina, tellurium dioxide, high purity tellurium, bismuth, zinc, antimony, etc.);
4. Silica aerogels and other new product development.
Company in Ya'an, asbestos is to build "tellurium bismuth industry processing industry park", "two districts and one mountain a city" of white marble marble development industrial park ... ...
Companies adhere to the "resources and technology, stone change the gold" business philosophy and the "four stone three new" new material development strategy; relying on the world's first independent mineralization of tellurium bismuth and unique characteristics of the huge reserves of microcrystalline muscovite Mine, marble mine and other advantages of resources, determined in the "three five" during the big new copper alloy materials; do a new type of flame retardant insulation anti-toxic non-toxic materials, new light source LED core material, speed up the industrialization, And finally built a industrial scale, the output value of the "one hundred billion", the vertical integration of the industrial chain Xin Ju "three new" new materials industrial park.




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